Amtakan an t-Saoir (アムタカン・アン・ツァイアル Amutakan an Tsaiaru?), also known by the aliases Amtakan Wright (アムタカン・ライト Amutakan Raito?), Amtakan Goffred (アムタカン・ゴッフレド Amutakan Goffuredo?), and Amtakan Logos (アムタカン・ロゴス Amutakan Rogosu?), is the author of the Prophecy, the cousin of Barbara Wright, and a Geist. Amtakan was over 4000 years ago as Salutari Nocte. After the Creation of Darkness, Salutari and his cousin, Sophia Ius, were sent to a cave in a distant land and found the Mirror of Radharc Amachanseo, which shifted Salutari's and Sophia's souls to an alternate plane of existence, becoming Geists. Now a Geist and taking the name Amtakan, he knew everything that occured in the past, present, and will occur in the future. However, this knowledge was not concrete and often came to him in abstract visions. At one point, Amtakan took everything that he knew of the future and wrote a prophecy to forewarn the world of it. However, he later encountered Jadus Destros, who coerced Amtakan to join his group by taunting his knowledge of the end of the world. Eventually, Amtakan succumbed to Jadus' taunts and became the second in command for Jadus' group, Mors Umbra. Despite the fact that Amtakan knew everything, he could not see into the near future, therefore he could not avoid joining Mors Umbra. He later encountered the future King Anthony who was sent 1000 years into the past during the End of the World. Amtkana wished to eradicate the King because Amtakan felt that Anthony would cause suspicion and controversy from him being from the future. Amtakan feared that Anthony would tell people of the end of the world. However, after the Night on Bald Mountain, Amtakan finally realized his wrong ways and felt very sorrowful towards King Anthony. AFter receiving a Qwerty injection himself, Amtakan spent his life going taking pilgrimages to holy places to seek guidance from God on what to do. Twenty years before King Anthony took reign of Hope, Amtakan founded the Guild of Knowledge and wished to help Anthony when he became king. Much later, Amtakan encountered the enigmatic Agent 50 during the Kalisian War. Amtakan shot a glare at 50 that left him paralyzed for a while. Amtkana did so that so he could by time to break the Dark barrier separating the kingdoms of Kalise and Hope. He later encounters Destros and warns him to stop his actions. A long time after, during Diablo's War, Amtakan fought alongside Anthony and helped him fight Diablo.