Chaotica Essex

Chaotica Essex

Chaotica Essex (Final)

Chaotica Essex (Return)

Character Information
Full name Chaotica Essex
Katakana ケオティカ・エセックス
Romaji Keotika Esekkusu
Gender Female
Age 16*
Species Discipulus
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
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Kingdom Kalise
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Known Relationships
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Others Shadoo*
Arachnia Hyde*
Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
The Comeback
Destiny of the Light

Queen Chaotica

Queen Chaotica Essex (ケオティカ・エセックス Keotika Esekkusu?) is the body of Queen Arachnia possessed by Shadoo. One day, Arachnia went into the Forbidden Room in her castle, which she, despite being the queen, was absolutely forbidden to enter. She entered a dark room with a pulsating purple object and touched it. After having touched it, a Dark spiritual wave entered her body, blocked her memories, polluted her heart, and corrupted her brain, transforming her into Queen Chaotica. Queen Chaotica, having the mind of Shadoo, wished to obtain all seven Millennium Gummies to have supreme power. To do this easily, Chaotica purged some Dark power into King Anthony, turning him into Destros. Destros was initially a mindless slave to Chaotica, bu he slowly gained sentiency. On the night that Chaotica was going to harvest the Millennium Gummies' power, Destros extracted Shadoo from Chaotica and killed him. Because of this, Chaotica became Arachnia again. A long time later, after Queen Arachnia was

Final Chaotica

experimented on by Doctor Erich Sigmas, she became Chaotica again. She was teleported via Koko's spellbook to The Edge of Hope where she absorbed Diablo's power and became Final Chaotica and wielded the Scythe of Pure Darkness. Before the war against Diablo, King Anthony fought Chaotica one last time before she died. As she died, she regained her memories and felt sorrowful for all the lives that she ended.