Culluh Q. Dukat

Culluh Q. Dukat

Culluh Q. Dukat (Lord Captain)

Character Information
Full name Culluh Quincy Dukat
Katakana カラ・クインシー・デュカット
Romaji Kara Kuinshī Dyukatto
Gender Male
Age 17*
Species Human
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Blue
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Kingdom Cassia
Weapon Lance
Known Relationships
Father Annorax Dukat
Mother Borghild Cesca
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Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
The Comeback
Lights of Darkness

Major Culluh Q. Dukat

Major Culluh Q. Dukat (カラ・Q・デュカット Kara Q Dyukatto?) is a knight and was one of King Anthony's Seven Powers of Hope. Dukat was previously a thieving knight who would rob people with his freind Wolfgang the Terrible. One day, Dukat and Wolfgang were asked by a cloaked figure if they would like to help him cleanse the world. They accepted the man's invitation and joined the man's group. One day, when Dukat was mugging people alone, he decided to rob an old lady. However, the old lady was actually the mother of the queen of Cassia and Dukat was quickly sent to Cassia Castle's dungeon. A week and a half later, King Anthony and Madame Smith are also sent to the dungeon and meet Dukat, who decides to free them. Upon escaping, King Anthony gives Dukat the option of either speninding life in prison or working as a soldier for King Anthony, which Dukat chose the latter. After being granted the rank Major, Dukat proved to be a faithful and loyal soldier. However, his greed did not fade away.

Lord Captain Culluh Q. Dukat

During the Kalisian War, Dukat, after defeating Admiral Dimentia, stayed behind to find treasure. However, he was taken hostage by Dimentia. A few hours later, duirng Commander Donald's battle against Destros, Dukat lent Donald his lance to help fight Destros with. After Destros becomes King Anthony again and Anthony and several others go to fight Organization XIII in The Kingdom That Never Was, Dukat and Lieutenant George protect te castle from a siege lead by D-Man. However, they fail and are thrown into Hope's dunegon by Zofis. Later, they are freed by the naval officer who drove D-Man away. Later, because of his bravery and valiant efforts, Dukat is granted the rank Lord Captain and enters the Seven Powers of Hope. He later fights in Diablo's War and fights an army of Absent Silhouettes and Shadow Manifestations. He also fights and kills Madame Rouge. Later, during the End of the World, he fighgts D-Man and tries to kill him. However, D-Man proved to be too strong and killed Dukat.