Diavolo (ディアヴォロ Diavoro?) is a Chernabog who has command over of the Absent Silhouettes and Shadow Manifestations. Diavolo was created 1000 years ago during an experiment conducted by Demolt Destros and Faustus Viola involving the infusion of Dark properties with the physical essence of a soul, the predecessor to the Artificial Discipulus experiments. However, Diavolo slowly gained sentience and gained slow control over Darkness. He and his Chernabog brothers, Vindicator and Dusk left the secret underground laboratories in Verdelis and went their own ways. Diavolo later entered the Real World and took refuge in Bald Mountain in The Edge of Hope. He then slept for 1000 years until a mysterious man awoke him. His awakening sparked the birth of the Absent Silhouettes and later, the Shadow Manifrestations. Later, he decided to take the form of a human named

Diavolo as Walter Gespenst

Walter Gespenst and infiltrate the World Government. He attempted to do this by first becoming the chancellor to the king of Hope, which was the kingdom with the most power. Years later, after raising Prince Anthony and Anthony becoming a king, Walter left and decided to get new help. He then contatced a woman named Aletheia who was a member of a group called GUILT and decided to use her. After GUILT disbanded, Aletheia rebuit the group and named it Neo-GUILT and had its new headquarters in the Saint Francis Eidoth Citadel near Bald Mountain so Diavolo could control her, which she was not aware of. He gave her the control of Shadow Manifestations. After Aletheia's death, Diavolo finally revealed himself and declared war against the world. He composed an army of over a million Absent Silhouettes and fought until he died at the hands of Donald Riker.