Colonel Dimentia

Colonel Dimentia Argentum (ディメンシア・アルゲントゥム Dimenshia Arugentumu?) was one of King Anthony's original three soldiers. However, she was actually an undercover agent working with Chief Kolidark in an attempt overthrow Anthony in his reign, for Dimentia was very powerhungry and wished to have a large army, not be in one. She was eventually caught and banished. While she was banished, she met a mysterious cloaked figure who gave Dimentia the power of illusions and the title of admiral

Adimiral Dimentia

, which satisfied Dimentia's crave for power. She later encountered King Anthony in the Kalise Castle facsimile of a Roman Coliseum. With her powers of illusions, she made clones of herself and fought a difficult battle, but was quickly defeated. After her defeat, she became unsatisfied with her powers to the point that she began to hate herself because she wasn't powerful enough. Because of her constant complaining and whining, Vittoria eventually killed Dimentia during the End of the World.


Dimentia is a corruption of "dementia", which is a mental illness. The word dementia means "madness" in Latin.

Argentum is Latin for "silver".