Madame Janet Smith (ジャネット・スミス Janetto Sumisu?) is a member of S.U.L.F.U.R.. She was born and raised in Hope and is a childhood friend of Jo-Ann Python. Much later in her life, Smith joined S.U.L.F.U.R. after having been requested to by Python, who was already a member. Smith is a great mathematician and scientist. She later assisted King Anthony in retrieving the Fire and Water Millennium Gummies in Razen and Cassia, repsectively. After finding the Gummies, Smith was captured and hypnotized by D-Man during the Kalisian War and became Scylla Mathis. After Smith returned to normal and the Kalisian War was over, she went to a rehabilitation facility for a month and later returned to S.U.L.F.U.R. During Diablo's War, through long work, she, along with Madame Python, discovered that the Prophecy predicted the date for the End of the World to be during Diablo's War.