Pierre de la Punition (ピエール・デ・ラ・プニチオン Piēru de ra Punichion?), also known as Obsidian (オブシディアン Obushidian?), is a Dark priest from the kingdom of Ajar. He is the son of Opal and Ranz de la Punition and brother of Amethyst. Obsidian is a childhood friend of Pyrite. In Pierre's adulthood, he, his brother Gemme, Pyrite, and another Dark priest named Onyx made a cult based upon the Prophecy and takes the name "Obsidian". About 20 years after, Obsidian and his followers were approached by King Anthony, who wished to know how to return the Moonstone Key. Obsidian told King Anthony of the White Church and the Church Castle. As King Anthony left to go there, Obsidian and the other priests followed Anthony. Much later, during Diablo's War, Obsidian fought alongside Destros until the End of the World.