King Pico

King Pico Canicus (ピコ・カニクス Piko Kanikusu?) is the king of Razen and is the descendant of Antonius and Queen Fira and is also related to Princess Ignisiterra. Pico assisted King Anthony when he arrived in Razen to find the Fire Millennium Gummy. She later agrees with Queen Lassi that the Book of Prophecies should be destroyed but King Chai, King Mokka, and King Biscotti disliked that idea. King Pico later helps King Anthony in Diavolo's War using the power of Fire as a weapon.


Pico comes from "pico de gallo", a type of salsa.

Canicus means "born of fire".


Pico is loosely based on the character Pico from Magical Starsign.