The Tribe of Dragons (龍の部族 Ryū no Buzoku?), also briefly known as the Tribe of Darkness (闇の部族 Yami no Buzoku?), is a tribe composed mainly of Dark Elves located nearby the kingdoms of Hope, Kalise, and Gren. The Tribe of Darkness descends from the ancient Elves of Elphia. Five hundred years before the present time, during the Vanner Wars, Chief Emerpus decided that the only way to make peace was to unite the kingdoms into one. However, many members of the tribe disagreed with Emerpus's views and believed that conquest and dictatorship was required for peace. Emerpus's successor, Etamitlu, after having conquered several kingdoms, changed the tribes name to the Tribe of Darkness, a name that was coined up by a slave named Yoj Emos. 1000 years ago, the chief was Chief Cruulenisce who helped King Anthony in the Shadran War. After the death of Cruulenisce, Chief Hittenrun takes over. In the present time, the Tribe of Darkness is led by Chief Sittenrun, Hittenrun's descendant. He follows the same philosophy as Emerpus, but wishes to revert back to Emerpus' original idea. However, many people thought that Sittenrun was like the many chiefs before him and wanted to decieve everyone. Later, Mockenbully becomes the new chief after mutinizing Sittenrun. After Mockenbully is arrested, Sittenrun resumes his rule, but completely stops conquering kingdoms