Vladimir Bobbisu

Vladimir Bobbisu

Vladimir Bobbisu (Hohlwelt)

Vladimir Bobbisu (Dark Release)

Vladimir Bobbisu (Death Release)

Character Information
Full name Vladimir Bobbisu
Katakana ウラジミール・ボッビス
Romaji Urajimīru Bobbisu
Gender Male
Age 41*
Species Discipulus
Hair color White
Eye color Purple
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Kingdom Hohlwelt
Weapon Axe
Known Relationships
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Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Dirge of the Sword
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light

Vladimir Bobbisu

Vladimir Bobbisu (ウラジミール・ボッビス Urajimīru Bobbisu?) is a member of the original Derevya and was once previously one of Karrudio Granhorrou's Numbers. Vladimir was a member of Karrudio Granhorrou's alliance to overthrow Faustus Viola as the king of the Looking Glass Palace. Vladimir, like Karrudio and Alluberto Sabers, who was another member of the alliance, made his own army of Numbers. Vladimir's five Numbers are Ritzaberdd Poliuque, Saette Hellinger, Samanndha Wykkyd, Demetri Shinokaiwa, and Tytus Fordis.

Vladimir's Dark Release


Vladimir's appearance after leaving the Hohlwelt


Vladimir is a Slavic name meaning "regal"

Bobbisu is a corruption of the first word of Bob's Discount Furniture, a New England based furniture store.